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35th North - Stop Fronting Watch 35th North - Stop Fronting online
BLVD - Stay In Front Watch BLVD - Stay In Front online


BLVD - Stay In Front


Paul Montefronte

Daily clips

Alex Mizurov - Frontside Flip Disaster

Added 29.03.2010
Andrew Reynolds Frontside Flip in Slow Motion

Added 16.08.2013
BLVD - Stay In Front

Added 05.04.2011
BLVD - Stay In Front

Added 10.05.2011
BLVD - Stay In Front

Added 21.01.2012
Frontside Flip - Pat "Sinner" Pasquale

Added 27.05.2013
Honza Minol - bigspin front blunt

Added 02.08.2010
How To Skateboarding - Front Board 270 with Spencer Nuzzi

Added 02.08.2013
How To Skateboarding - Front Smith to Front Rock with Mason Merlino

Added 04.07.2013
How To Skateboarding - Frontside Rollout with Brandon Perelson

Added 23.09.2013
How-To Skateboarding - Frontside Blunt Stalls with Tony Hawk

Added 24.05.2013
How-To Skateboarding - Frontside Boardslides with Johan Stuckey

Added 08.09.2013
How-To Skateboarding - Switch Frontside Crooked Grind with Karl Watson

Added 08.09.2013
Micky Papa - Nollie Heel Front Board

Added 08.07.2013
Mike Franklin - Frontside 5-0's on Transition

Added 08.11.2012
Nick Tucker - Nollie Front Foot Kickflip

Added 04.10.2011
Paradise - Frontline Benders

Added 02.11.2010
Plan B - Sheckler Transition Fundamentals: 4. Frontside 50-50

Added 18.03.2011
Skateboarding in Slow Motion - Chris Haslam Switch Frontside Back Foot Underflip

Added 10.06.2013
Vincent Nava - Front Bluntslide Hollywood High 16 Rail - Behind The Scenes

Added 14.11.2014




180 Fakie Five O Front Shuv
Backside 5-O Frontside 180 Out
Backside Crooked + Frontside Nosegrind
BigSpin Frontside Boardslide
Dustin Harvey - Frontside Boardslide
dustin- front board bigspin
flip front
Fronside Fifty
Fronside Noseslide
front 180
front 180 over 12 rail
Front 5-0 on street rail
front blunt
Front Blunt
front Blunt
front blunt backside flip out
front blunt slide
front blunt transfer
Front Board
Front Board
front board
Front Board
Front board
front board
front board
front board
Front board 9
Front Board Pole Jam
front board pop out
front crook
front crook pop out
front crooks
Front Feeb -James Capps
front feeble
Front Feeble
Front Feeble into the booby
front heel
Front Hurricane
Front Lip!
Front nose grind
front nose slide
Front Nosegrind
Front Over-Krook
front rock
front rock and roll
front rock shallows
front shuv
front shuv to wallride


180 Front at Bercy
back lip, front board bigspin
backside heelfip, frontside bigspin, & backside ol
bluntslide front
boardslide front
crooks, tre flip over rail, nollie front board, no
Fakie crooks, kickflip frontside five [Again]
fakie frontside double flip
Fakie Frontside 5-0
Fakie Frontside Flip
fakie frontside180 croked ? ?
Fakie fs frontfoot impossible
Flip Front Noseslide
Front 180
front 180, kickflip
front blunt powerslide
Front Board
Front Board to Hurricane
front board, 360 flip
Front Croox
front foot impossible reverse
front fut impossible
front krook tweaker
Front Nosegrind Flat-Down Ledge.
front shuv
Front Side Flip
front smith
frontboard over to fakie
frontboard,nollie lip
frontside 180
frontside 180
Frontside 180 Factory Drop
Frontside 180 Nosegrind
frontside 180 to switch 5-0 switch frontside 180 o
frontside 180, heelflip
frontside 360 grab
Frontside 5-0 Fs Shuv-it
Frontside Bluntslide
Frontside Bluntslide Transfer
Frontside Bluntslides
frontside feeble
frontside flip
Frontside Kickflip
frontside lipslide
Frontside nollie set
Frontside Noseslide
Frontside Pop Shuv-it
Frontside Tail
frontside tailslide shove-it kink ledge

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