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Polar - No Complies & Wallrides + Shuvits

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Polar - No Complies & Wallrides+Shuvits

Added 14.12.2012




180 Fakie Five O Front Shuv
5-0 shuv out
backside pop shuvit Elliott Fort
Bs 5-0 shuvit
Crooks shuvit
Dar fs pop shuv to flat
Elliott Fort bs Pop Shuvit Off The Kicker
Fakie Shuv Switch Blunt 180
front shuv
front shuv to wallride
Fs Boardslide shuvit out
FS pop-shuvit
FS Shuv
fs shuvit
fs shuvit
Fs shuvit on a hip
nollie shuvit nosegrind
Pop Shuv
Pop Shuv Tail Grab
pop shuv tail grab
Pop shuvit
Popshuvit tailgrab
Shuv it tailgrab
Shuv it tailgrab
Switch front shuv
Worm - Pop Shuv


360 Shuv
360 shuvit footplant
50-50 fs pop shuvit out
bs crook bs 180, bs tail, fs shuv bs nosegrind
bs nosegrind shuvit
crooks 360 shuve
doh doh - noseslide 270 shuvit out down 15
Fakie 360 Shuvit
Fakie 540 Shuv, Sewa Kroetkov Flatground Tricks
front shuv
Frontside 5-0 Fs Shuv-it
Frontside Pop Shuv-it
fs bluntslide shuv, kf fs board, bs smith
Fs Noseslide 270 Shuv Out
fs popshuvit
Fs Shuv Gap To Manny
Fs Tailslide 270 Shuv
h/c boardslide 270 out / 270 shuv out
How to 360 Pop Shuv-It with Robby Rosano
kf bs 5, fs shuv, varial heel
kickflip nose manual shuv out
Nollie Pop Shuvit
nollie tre, shuv tailgrab
nose, shuve, manny
nosemanual shuv to firecracker
Ollie North Manual No-Comply Fs Shuv Out
Pop Shuv it
Sw Shuvit heel old footy
switch backside, pop shuv, nollie heel, 3 flip
Switch bs tail shuvit
wallie shuv

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