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3 skate videos with Yoshiharu Yoshida

FESN - On The Broad
FESN - On The Broad cover

Category Productions
Views 6331

"Sequel of "BEHIND THE BROAD", a dvd focusing on a skate shop FAT BROS in Nakano, Tokyo. 38 minutes of aggressive skating with 4 newly sponsored skaters: Yuzo Kudo with good flip tricks and style as s...
FESN - Underground Broadcasting
FESN - Underground Broadcasting cover

Category Productions
Views 9853
FESN - Behind The Broad
FESN - Behind The Broad cover

Category Documentary
Views 5709

"A video focusing on FESN home ground Nakano and an existing local skate shop FAT BROS released in July 5th. A documentary film of THA BLUE HERB, 'THAT'S THE WAY HOPE GOES' was also released simultane...

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