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Fabio Montagner skate videos

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4 skate videos with Fabio Montagner

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Land of Marble

Land of Marble cover


Category Documentary
Views 10612

A Short Documentary about Pietrasanta Skateplaza, the first skatepark all made from recycled marble pieces! We followed the birth of this gnarly project from the design to the opening.

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Skatenostro The Movie

Skatenostro The Movie cover


Category Independent
Views 11713

Skatenostro The Movie is an independent skateboarding video that talks about the adventures of the Skatenostro crew. Filmed edited and composed by Alessandro Palese. A healing video for your soul, s...

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Strange - X

Strange - X cover


Category Promo
Views 10881

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Geko Ent - Snooze

Geko Ent - Snooze cover


Category Independent
Views 10899

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