411VM - Issue 13

411VM - Issue 13 cover
Company411 Video Magazine
Length60 minutes
CategoryVideo magazine
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Transitions Transitions - Ben Harper - Ground On Down
Barker Barrett Profiles - Butthole Surfers - P.s.y.
Jason Ellis Profiles - Howie B. Inc - Head West- Gun Fight At The O.k. Corrall
Bobby Puleo Wheels Of Fortune - DJ Krush - Dig This Vibe
Jesse McMillin Wheels Of Fortune - Alyasha - Waterwalker
Zach Hudson Wheels Of Fortune - Alyasha - Sitarmadilloblues
X Games Contests - Bracket - P.c.
Munster Street And Vert Contests - Bracket - Closed Caption
Harold Hunter Rookies - Mobb Deep - Cradle To The Grave
Geoff Rowley Rookies - The Specials - Rat Race
Philadelphia Metrospective - Guru - Respect The Architect
Shaft Road Trip - Tha Alkaholiks - All The Way Live
Giant Road Trip - The Obvious - Detached
Radlands Vert Contests - Ramones - Have A Nice Day
Chaos Chaos - Illrepute - Dat Marley Song
Switchstance Switchstance - Combine - Ephidrene
credits - Bad Religion - Atomic Garden
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Guest Dobbs

My first skate video ever. Harold Hunter skating to Mobb Deep and the Bobby Puleo part shaped who I am to this day.

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