411VM - Issue 42

411VM - Issue 42 cover
Company411 Video Magazine
Length58 minutes
CategoryVideo magazine
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World United States Road Trip - A.l. - Lyrics
Duffs Canada Road Trip - Rahzel - Make The Music 2000
Daewon Song Day In The Life - California Music Authority - Over All
Daewon Song Day In The Life - The People Under The Stairs - Youth Explosion
Santa Cruz San Francisco To Denver Road Trip - Fugazi - Closed Caption
Converse East Coast Road Trip - Patchworks (instrumental)
3rd And Army Spot Check - Common - Funky For You
Brian Sumner Check Up - The Get Up Kids - Holiday
On Video Premiere Main Event - Pedro The Lion - Slow And Steady Wins The Race
On Video Premiere Main Event - Fugazi - Last Chance For A Slow Dance
credits - Suicidal Tendencies - Naked
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