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American Misfits

American Misfits cover
Length48 minutes
CountryUnited States
Added byJorge

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Saturday Looks Good to Me - Alcohol
DJ Assault - Ass-N-Titties 2001
Dom and Roland - Iceberg
The Sin Men - Buddy Holly
Ego Plum - March of the Maniacs
The Sin Men - 2% Sky
The Jesus Lizard - Monkey Trick
Japanese Telecom - Rising Sun
Pegboy - Dangerwood
The ShitKickers - Crease In My Bill
The ShitKickers - Trailer Song
The Stiches - I Can Do Anything
Ego Plum - Le Cirque Macabre
Milemarker - New Lexicon
Ego Plum - Jazz Spasm
Jason Blum & the Flexible Sensuals - Kissing Kate
Japanese Telecom - Japanese Animation
The Flaming Sideburns - Loose My Soul
Dave Roen - Entropedic Suggestion
Ego Plum - Plum Theme
DJ Assault - G-String
Chilly Gonzales - Futuristic Ain't Shit to Me
Lambotomy - Til 4 A.M.

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