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CompanyBig Brother Magazine
Video byWing Ko
Length48 minutes
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Paulo Diaz & friends - Smut Peddlers - Fuck You
Barkays - Knucklehead - Last Poets - Wake Up Niggers
Warlock Pinchers - Morrissey - MC5 - Looking at You
Tito Puente - Cuban Nightmare - Vanilla Ice - Yo Vanilla
Night Ranger - Rock in America - Drink Small - Titty Man
New Kids on the Block - Hanging Tough - Devo - Midget
Saxon - Denim & Leather - Napalm & Death - Rughgh
Brujeria - Consejos Narcos - Mystr-E - Techno Music
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Guest Plas

Here it is; Rocco's brainchild. Commercial tendencies of hyper raw neorealism that became radical in the phenomenon of skateboarding, and that has been blatantly plagiarized since then. Narcissistic, modernist, and direct, Shit takes the embrace from Rocco's loathing vanguard, The foundation being laid for "gritty" skate videos, and a long list of recognizable names being stupid, not to mention, some legitimate skating thrown in here and there.

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