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CompanyS Footwear
Video byFred Mortagne
Length58 minutes
CategoryFull length
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"In 2000 ?S Skateboarding premiered its heavily anticipated Menikmati video to wide public acclaim. The arrival of Menikmati inspired a new movement of shoe company skate videos into an arena that had previously been dominated in large part by hardgoods manufacturers. Enjoy skateboarding history brought to you by ?S Skateboarding."


Intro - Amon Tobin - Slowly
Arto Saari Intro #1 - Kosta Jylha - Wedding Waltz
Arto Saari Intro #2 - The Sentinals - Big Surf
Arto Saari - CKY - Testing
Ronnie Creager - Nobody - Green Means
Rodrigo Teixeira Intro - Padre Miguel and Drums Society - Embando a Mochado
Rodrigo Teixeira - Amon Tobin - Sultan Drops
Skatepark, Contests, Demos - Ananda Shankar - Streets of Calcutta
Tom Penny - Josh Vargo & Jesse Fritsch - Penny Butters
Rick McCrank Intro - R. Carlos Nakai - Cavaransera
Rick McCrank - Raveing Lunatics - Hammering On My Sitar
Rick McCrank Slow Motion - Red Army Choir - Volga Boatmen's Song
Bob Burnquist - R.E.Q. - Casa Forte
Bob Burnquist Slow Motion - B12 - Soundtrack of Space
Eric Koston - Pressure Drop - Theme for the Outcaste
Montage - Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra
Credits - Kevin Nathaniel - Tatenda
Bonus - Paul Rodriguez - Neotrophic - Bleached
Bonus - Slide Show - James Combs - Something Resembling Sleep
Bonus - Regular Motion - Attica Blues - Impulse
Bonus - Montage - Count Ossie - Sam's Intro
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