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Insano cover
Video byPete Spooner
Length25 minutes
CountryUnited States
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Intro - Barry Manilow - Copacabana
Nathan Cameron #1 - Reld - Covered feat. SHADES
Nathan Cameron #2 - Beat Detectives - Roaring Lion
Vinnie Nanthavongsa, Rob Sissi, and Grady Moquin - Booliemane - S8fenet
MN Section - Cocteau Twins - Amelia
Josh Manoles and Joe Hall - TLC - Red Light Special
Zach Moore #1 - NK Ok - Blue Sound Beat Tape Vol. 1
Zach Moore #2 - Eyeliner - Pinot Noir
Kirian Stone - Zoe Ka$h - Can't
NY Section - Cocteau Twins - Crushed
Pat Gallaher - Sugar Cubes - Birthday
Credits - Daniel Johnston - I'm Gonna Buy Me A Car

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