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Pitcrew - Feels Like The First Time

Pitcrew - Feels Like The First Time cover
Length30 minutes
CountryUnited States
CategorySkate shop
Favorited1 time
Added byMiadaskate

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3.54 (39 votes)
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Benji Ross
Garman Bowers
Grayson Smith
Mark Weeks
Pat Smith
Paul McElroy
RT Mulligan
Sammy Wientzen
Scott Lefever
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Pitcrew - Feels Like The First Time comments


Trusted user

Posted: 17.11.2008 00:38
Bonus Footage


Trusted user

Posted: 07.03.2008 21:43

I think its good but it's not as good as the first Pitcrew video, which I still need to put up the
soundtrack for on here. There are too many riders in this one, so a lot of people share parts so I
don't get to see much of my favorites.


Trusted user

Posted: 04.03.2008 16:20

is this a good video ??

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