Santa Cruz - Out There...

Santa Cruz - Out There... cover
CompanySanta Cruz Skateboards
Length27 minutes
Added byMarkus

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intro - Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran
title sequence - Dimestar Trax
Emmanuel Guzman - Beth Carvalho - ?
Sid Melvin - Arcade Fire - Rebellion
Alex Moul - Interpol - Narc
friends - Devo - Good Times
International - Zargon
Alex Carolino - Mefoso
Flo Marfaing - Beanie Man/Method Man - Love Me Now
credits - Zargon
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Guest Bison Beef

Many of these songs are not correct. The Alex Moul song is not Interpol, it is Zargon. The credits list Zargon for most of these songs. Don't know what person put these songs as the soundtrack because its almost all wrong. Maybe check before you post next time.

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