Sheep - Life of Leisure

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Sheep - Life of Leisure cover
CompanySheep Shoes
Length28 minutes
CategoryFull length
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Brian Anderson
Charlie Wilkins
Ed Templeton
Frank Hirata
Matt Field
Mike Manzoori
Rick McCrank
Sergei Trudnowski


Intro - Black Grape - In the name of the father
Old Man's Skit - Esquivel - Sentimental journey
Frank Hirata - Pink Floyd - Put me in the sky
Rick McCrank - Gabor Szabo - The beat goes on
Matt Field - Mat's Dub - ?
Charlie Wilkins - Lou Donaldson - Brother soul
Brian Anderson - Gabor Szabo - Bacchanal
Mike Manzoori - Lou Reed - Kicks
Sergei Trudnowski - The Pioneers - Wolf in sheep's clothing
Ed Templeton - Sonic Youth - Waist
Credits #1 - The Red NorvoTrio - Move
Credits #2 - Tricky - Aftermath
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