Spitfire cover
CompanySpitfire Wheels
Length21 minutes
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John Cardiel - Gift Horse - On Rush
Jason Dill - DJ Drawls - No Static
Brian Young - MCM And The Monster - Sweet Jane
The Wray Brothers - Gift Horse - Asphyxiofile
Brian Chung - Touch Me Hooker - Die For Ozzy
Drake Jones - T. Groove - Chicken Sauce
Ed, Jerry & Ethan - MCM And The Monster - Dash 243
Jamie Thomas - The Organization - Withdrawl
Tim Upson - D-Train - Rotgut
Coco - Tres Pollos Locos - Fast
Ricky Oyola - DJ Drawls - 3 Mac'n-Ass Pimps
Sean Young - Gift Horse - Tan Bark
Billy, Joey & Fabian - T Beats - Smooth Enough
Max Schaaf - DJ Drawls - The S.F.C.
Burn Victims - Zamfir Metty - ?
Julien Stranger - Tres Pollos Locos - 7-8
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Guest Tim Upton

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3MEF15QxdY Fantastic trip through memorylan, when the skate videos were videos.

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