St. Losers - Comb

St. Losers - Comb cover
Video byGabe Kehoe
Length31 minutes
CountryUnited States
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Intro and Max Wheeler - Bedhed - Outro
Randy Ploesser w/ Pat Franklin and Marty Murawski - Bedhed - Sickbreaker
Ryan Sublette - Big Black - Kerosene
Drew Etzkorn - Robert Wyatt - Born Again Cretin
Montage Pt 1 - Tommy Wright III - Chrome Thang
Montage Pt 2 - Davie Allan and The Arrows - Theme From A Summer Place
Derrick Smith - The Rockin' Ramrods - Bright Lit Blue Skies
Chris Jackson - Rockatones - For My Own
Levon Conkin - Frank Zappa - King Kong
Preston Harper - Janko Nilovic - Roses and Revolvers
Alex Kehoe - Glued - Eyes Forward
Credits - Arthur Brown - Prelude/Nightmare
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Guest Victoria Irrigation

Sweet stuff! 5/5!

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