Strange Notes - Tastes Like Awesome!

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CompanyStrange Notes
Length24 minutes
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intro - Hightower - ?
Mayhem - Hemicuda - Number 9
Roberto Aleman - Nothington - This Means War
Creature BBQ - The Spits - Black Kar
King of the Groms commercial - Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Geoff Rowley commercial - SSS - Short Sharp Shock
Alex Chalmers - Only Crime - To The Nines
Raven Tershay - Hightower - track #9
Nick Palmquist - beats by Phillip Drummond
Seth McCallum - custom song by Seth McCallum
Devin Appelo - 30 Years War - Divergence
Independent Northwest Tour - The Wipers - Return of the Rat
credits - ?
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