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Video byJordan Standley
Length67 minutes
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Texalona 2

A Video By Jordan Standley. Filmer from Texas who brings together two worlds of skateboarding (Texas & Barcelona) in one video.

DVD Available now! For orders mail: jstandley18@hotmail.com


Intro - 20th century fox remix
Josh Love - CL Smooth - Mecca and the soul brother remix
Johannes Bayer - Notorious BIG - Long kiss good night
Patrick Biffle - Thirteenth Floor Elevators - Your gonna miss me baby
Andrew Vis - The Jacksons - Lovely one
Texas friends - ZZ Top - Sharp dressed man
Dominique Goings - Trae ft. 36 mafia & paul wall - cadillac
David Sauceda - Big Mike - Having things
BCN Friends - The Bamboos - Up on the hill remix
Ryan Strader & Aaron Walling - James Gang - Funk #49
Florentin Marfaing #1 - Wrecks 'n Effects - Rumpshaker
Florentin Marfaing #2 - Les X-Men - Ghetto superstar
Johannes Bayer at Parallel - The Arcade Fire - Sprawl II
Credits - Tears For Fears - Everybody wants to rule the world
Outro - The Pointer Sisters - I'm so excited
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