Toy Machine - Brainwash

Toy Machine - Brainwash cover
CompanyToy Machine
Video byKevin Barnett
Length23 minutes
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Intro - Medications - Surprise!
Daniel Lutheran - Happy Go Licky - Twist and Shout
Johnny Layton - Happy Go Licky - Torso Butter
Billy Marks - Trans Am - Silent Star
Nick Trapasso - Josh Harmony - Appleton Shuffle
Jordan Taylor - Bad Brains - I
Montage - Make-Up - (I've Heard About) Saturday Nite
Collin Provost - Teen Idles - Sneakers
Matt Bennett - Black Heart Procession - 1918-1936 Decent/ Fish The Holes
Leo Romero - The Black Keys - The Moan (Peel Session)
Credits & Outro - The Books - Thirty Incoming
Trailers - Devo - Mongoloid
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