Transworld - Are You Alright?

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Transworld - Are You Alright? cover
CompanyTransworld Skateboarding
Video byJon Holland
Jason Hernandez
Length51 minutes
Added byJorge

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Aaron Harrison
Clint Peterson
Danny Way
Donny Barley
Jake Brown
Jesse Fritsch
Judd Hertzler
Matt Dove
Pat Duffy
Ryan Wilburn
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Video #15

"Are You Alright? is not a tour video or a documentary - it's an adventurous journey that

takes you through the peaks and valleys of skateboarding life on the road. With no hotels, demos, autograph signings, or responsibilities, eleven skateboarders spontaneously set out in a 36-foot R.V. to enjoy the Northwestern terrain and all it has to offer. What they found was that the R.V. not only served as transportation, but as a home, a shower, a restaurant, a party, and the centerpiece of our story. So pull out that ol' sleeping bag and get ready for an urban R.V.ing experience you won't soon forget."


Intro/Theme - UI - Banjo
Grass Valley - The Sadies - Spark Catcher
Reno - Kinski - Waves of Second Guessing
Klamath Falls - The Fucking Champs - Extra Man
West Linn - Del Rey - Deploy, Damn You, Deploy
Burnside - T.S.O.L. - Change Today?
Swimming - The Shins - Gone For Good
Speed Bump - Trans Am - Prowler '97
Donald - Camera Obscura - Theory on Sex as an Art Form
Ballard/Loading Dock - Trophy - Engineer
Bainbridge - The Sadies - Talkin' Down
Orcas Island - The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Abolish Work
Anacortes/Bellingham - Replikants - Replikants Requiem
Roof Gap - The Black Keys - Busted
Danger Zone - Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
Danny Way's Knee - Trans Am - Access Control
Seattle Street - Trans Am - Orlando
Hailey/Outro - Flake Music - Blast Valve
Credits - Tristeza - Building Peaks
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