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Crocked Grind 180 Off!


Me doing a Crocked Grind 180 off ;)

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Tags crocked grind 180 off

Added 14.09.2009

6.3 from 3 votes
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Posted: 17.09.2009 17:27

ooh xP

but it was pretty slow anyway ;P



Posted: 16.09.2009 20:14

I believe SlaXx was talking about the editing.
You used Matrix-like slowmotion man!! smiley

Edited 16.09.2009 20:14


Posted: 15.09.2009 23:05

yea i know it was slow smiley

but the ground there realy sux...


Trusted user

Posted: 15.09.2009 20:49

next time try to slow it even MORE down,
would look even BETTER!

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