411VM – Best Of 411, Volume 2

Company 411 Video Magazine
Year 1995
Length 55 minutes
Category Video magazine


Chad Muska, Clyde Singleton, Drake Jones, Ed Templeton, Jerry Fowler, Jon Comer, Lennie Kirk, Matt Reason, Mike Vallely, Moses Itkonen, Paul Zitzer


Mike Vallely Profiles – Palmskin Productions In A Silent Way
Jerry Fowler Rookies – Pegboy Never A Question
Chaos Chaos – Bracket Closed Caption
Chad Muska Wheels Of Fortune – Extra Prolific Cash Money
Philadelphia Metrospective – Rhythm Collision Now
Girl Chocolate Firm Road Trip – Coolio I Remember instrumental
Paul Zitzer Profiles – Ill Repute Dat Marley Song
Clyde Singleton Rookies – Ben Harper Ground On Down
Contests Contests – Cranberries I Can’t Be With You
Lennie Kirk Wheels Of Fortune – Shrinking Violets Dead Popstars
Drake Jones Wheels Of Fortune – Mcm And The Monster Big Black Cadillac
Transitions Transitions – Ramones I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
Moses Itkonen Rookies – Mobb Deep Cradle To The Grave
Ed Templeton Profiles – Fluf Rooked

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