Black Label – Blackout

Company Black Label Skateboards
Video by John Lucero
Patrick Nagy
Year 2003
Length 45 minutes
Category Full length


Adam Alfaro, Ben Gilley, Chet Childress, Duane Peters, Jason Adams, Jhovany Vidal, Jim Gagne, Kristian Svitak, Omar Hassan, Pat Rakestraw, Patrick Melcher, Ragdoll, Ricky Espinoza, Salman Agah, Wade Speyer


opening – Roland Shaw and his orchestra Pepe
intro – The Stitches Nowhere
Ragdoll – The Saints I’m stranded
Patrick Melcher – The Briefs Poor and wierd
Vidal Espinoza Agah – Subhumans 33322
Jim Gange – Ted Nugent Free for all
transitions Omar Hassan – Aerosmith Train kept a rollin’
Jason Adams & Chet Childress Intro – Muddy Waters Sittin’ Here And Drinkin’
Jason Adams & Chet Childress #1 – Hank Williams III Trashville
Jason Adams & Chet Childress #2 – The Hunns Skate away
Kristian Svitak – Social Distortion Another state of mind
Jub – SOD Stormtroopers of death Kill yourself
Pat Rakestraw – The Crowd Surf ghetto
Duane Peters – Duane Peters & The Hunns Hunns anthem
Adam Alfaro – Jimi Hendrix Purple haze
Ben Gilley – Sepultura The hunt
outro – Metallica Seek and destroy
credits – The Damned Wait for the blackout

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Black Label – Label Kills

Company Black Label Skateboards
Video by John Lucero
Patrick Nagy
Year 2001
Length 48 minutes
Category Full length


Adam Alfaro, Ben Gilley, Jason Adams, Jeff Grosso, Jim Gagne, John Lucero, Kristian Svitak, Matt Hensley, Mike Vallely, Neil Hendrix, Omar Hassan, Pat Smith, Patrick Melcher, Ricky Espinoza, Salman Agah, Wade Speyer, Wes Lott


intro – Black Sabbath Paranoid
Jason Adams – Charlie Daniels Band The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Patrick Melcher Wes Lott Ricky Espinoza – Intenational Noise Conspiracy The Reproduction of Death
Mike Vallely #1 – Kiss God of Thunder
Mike Vallely #2 – Rollins Band Hotter and Hotter
Neal Hendrix – The Get Up Kids Holiday
Jub – Ministry Burning Inside
Omar Hassan – At the DriveIn Pickpocket
Pat Smith – Stiff Little Fingers Alternative Ulster
Salman Agah – Cheap Trick Surrender
Wade Speyer – Frankie Laine Rawhide
Jeff Grosso – Dodge Cart So American
Matt Hensley – The Pogues Sunnyside of the Street
Ben Gilley – Slayer Seasons in the Abyss
Jim Gagne – George Thorogood & The Destroyers Who Do You Love
Adam Alfaro – ACDC TNT
Kristian Svitak – Sex Pistols Bodies
John Lucero – The Champs Tequila
credits – The Clash Death or Glory

Blind – Video Days

Company Blind Skateboards
Video by Spike Jonze
Year 1991
Length 24 minutes
Category Full length


Guy Mariano, Jason Lee, Jordan Richter, Mark Gonzales, Rudy Johnson


Intro – War Low Rider
Guy Mariano – The Jackson 5 I Want You Back
Jordan Richter – Black Flag My War
Mark Gonzales – John Coltrane with the Red Garland Trio Traneing In
Rudy Johnson – Dinosaur Jr Just Like Heaven
Jason Lee #1 – Milk The Knife Song
Jason Lee #2 – Husker Du Real World
Outro – War Low Rider
Credits – Ry Cooder Cancin Mixteca

Blind – What If?

Company Blind Skateboards
Video by Bill Weiss
Dennis Martin
Year 2005
Length 36 minutes
Category Full length


Aaron Artis, Carlos Ruiz, Corey Sheppard, Evan Schiefelbine, Grant Patterson, Jake Brown, Jake Duncombe, James Craig, Kris Markovich, Ronnie Creager

“The first full length Blind video in over a decade”


Intro – Zoeangel Cops And Skaters
Corey Sheppard Intro – Zoeangel Desert Painter
Corey Sheppard – Bloc Party Banquet
Jake Duncombe – The Dandy Warhols Get Off
Grant Patterson – Black Moon Who Got Da Props
Evan Schiefelbine – Ambulance LTD Anecdote
Kris Markovich – The Hellacopters By The Grace Of God
Aaron Artis – Marvin Gaye Where Are We Going
Carlos Ruiz – Ima Robot Dynomite
James Craig – Murs What If
Jake Brown – Stevie Wonder Sir Duke
Ronnie Creager Intro – Zoeangel Early Talent
Ronnie Creager – The Dandy Warhols The Last High
Credits – Blue Oyster Cult Don’t fear The Reaper
Bonus Ronnie Creager Extra Part – The Bravery No Brakes
Bonus Ronnie Creager Indoor Part – Patchworks Cyclopse
Bonus Behind The Scenes – Blue Oyster Cult Don’t fear The Reaper
Bonus Special Edition Jake Duncombe – Tom Jones She’s A Lady
Bonus Special Edition Morgan Smith – Marvin Gaye & Tammy Tarrell You’re All I Need To Get By