Makaha Skateboards



From Their Website: "Since 1963, Larry Stevenson, his son Curt and wife Helen, have been skateboarding’s first family. Larry created the first surfboard shaped skateboard in his garage in Santa Monica, CA. He added high performance wheels and trucks, organized the worlds first skateboard team and invented and patented the kicktail and double kicktail skateboards. Former MAKAHA riders are now legends in the sport: Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Mike Doyle, Mike Hynson, Bruce Logan, Danny Bearer, Torger Johnson, Wentzel Ruml, Mike Purpus, Ty Page, Woody Woodward are a few of the greats MAKAHA has had the honor of representing and being represented by, over the past 54 years. Today we are going back to our roots, creating USA made, hand built skateboards with the highest quality components available using Larry Stevenson’s classic designs and styles as a roadmap. You will always be able to buy MAKAHA skateboards from the source. We make the boards ourselves in the USA. Our boards come with a no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you aren’t stoked, return it and we will refund your money. We don’t care if we’re ever the biggest . . . we want to make the finest quality skateboards at a fair price in the USA, that’s it. So we hope you’ll come along with us as we relaunch MAKAHA the way it was meant to be..and join our family."