From Karl Watson's Chrome Ball Interview (See Link Above): CB: Always one of skateboarding’s great what-ifs, talk about Profile. KW: Yeah, Profile was before Mad Circle, which meant I was pro two times over before I had to go back to being am for Mad Circle. But Mad Circle was a real company, whereas Clean and Profile were considered to be... not so much. Mad Circle was next level. Profile was started with the homies: me, Spencer, Lee, Stevie and Henry. It was with Roger from Experience, just because he had money and a little warehouse going with Experience Skateboards and Pure Wheels. Just Henry being on the team was enough for us, so we made it happen. And Profile was our first taste of being involved in the process of graphics, ads and whatever else we wanted to put out into the world. CB: So was it Henry’s company or was he just another rider? KW: I’m sure that he had some kind of ownership there. Because he was older and such a big name, he must’ve had more of a vested interest there. I know he had a big hand in putting together the team because he was not about to be on a team with people he didn’t mess with. Trust me, Henry was not playing that game. (laughs)
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Added: Wednesday, March 13, 2024