Crailtap – WEAKDAYS

Company Crailtap
Video by Rye Beres
John Marello
Tanner Cudney
Daniel Wheatley
Year 2016-2018
Category Promo


Jerry Hsu
Justin Eldridge
Elijah Berle
Mike Carroll
Johnny Jones
Vincent Alvarez
Yonnie Cruz
Rick Howard
Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco
Sam Smyth
Jon Sciano
Zach Saraceno
Andrew Peters
Sean Malto
Jeron Wilson
Brandon Biebel
Chris Roberts
Kenny Anderson
Cody Green
Stevie Perez
Cory Kennedy
James Capps
Griffin Gass
Rick McCrank
Simon Bannerot
Raven Tershy
Andrew Brophy
Cody Chapman
D’ontae Smith
Braydon Szafranski
Josh Douglas
Niels Bennett
Hakeem Ducksworth
Sebo Walker
Travis Harrison
Diego Johnson
Chad Poore
Evan Berle
Mike Mo Capaldi
Max Klein
Jesus Fernandez
Becker Dunn
Carl Aikens


Courthouse: Powell Peralta – Golden Gate Park / Milk Carton Skit
Rosecrans Ditch: Rufus Thomas – The Breakdown (Pt. 1)
Salais Ditch: Powell Peralta – Hardcore Skaters Mourned / Wallows
Dugout ledges: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters – Finger Poppin Time
Hollenbeck: Warren G – Regulate
The Plaza: The Bats – Made Up in Blue
710 Ditch: April March – Laisse Tomber Les Filles
Riverside: The Aquadolls – Better Off Without Her
La Crescenta: ?
Sand Gaps: – Eight Dayz – Pick-Pocket-Man
Vincent Alvarez: 2nd II None – Be True To Yourself
Bellflower Ditch: Syd Barrett – Gigolo Aunt
Rosemead: The 2 Live Crew – Throw The D
Best of 2016: Lipps Inc. – Funkytown
Crail Park: Steve Miller Band – Jet Airliner
School Yard: Chuck Berry – School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)
Biebel’s Park: Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
The Island: MF DOOM ft. Mr. Fantastik – Rapp Snitch Knishes
The Court: Wings – Love Is Strange
West Covina: R.B.L. Posse – Part of a Survival
Chino: Mick Ronson – Only After Dark
Mercado Hydrant: Rachel Sweet – It’s So Different Here
Downtown: Ice-T – Colors
La Brea: Antwon – Hidden Room
Stoner Park:
Cypress Hill – Light Another
Cypress Hill – Ultraviolet Dreams
Lincoln Park: Shannon and The Clams – In The River
Active Park: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Poison Whiskey
Garvanza Park: Compulsive Gamblers – Stop & Think It Over
LA High: Bill Withers – Use Me
Harvard Park: Lou Reed – Crazy Feeling
Avocado Park: The Temptations – Shakey Ground
Chicano Park: Cymande – Bra
Koreatown: Dave Brubeck – Take Five (Cover)

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