Get Familiar

Company Studio411
Video by Chris Hall
Year 2006
Length 39 minutes
Country United States
Category Independent


Bobby Worrest, Casey Rigney, Daewon Song, Darren Harper, Donny Barley, Fabio Cristiano, James Craig, Joey Pepper, Mark Gonzales, Reese Forbes, Zach Lyons


Intro – Rob Sonic For Sky Pimps Music Sesac A Cold War After All
Bobby Worrest – Fugazi Waiting Room
Fabio Cristiano – Mzuri Sana Definio
Casey Rigney – JZone Tame Az It Ever Wuz
Donny Barley – The Evens You Won’t Feel A Thing
James Craig – Weird War Moment in Time
Reese Forbes – Weird War Grand Fraud
Zach Lyons – Blonde Redhead Equus
Joey Pepper – Weird War NDSP
Mark Gonzales – Jimmy Reed Shame Shame Shame
Daewon Song – The French Kicks Also Rain
Darren Harper – Dre Black Dangerous Lives
Credits – The Evens Around The Corner

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