Psycho Skate

Company Unreel Productions
Year 1988
Length 30 minutes
Country United States
Category Independent


Barry Deck, Bruce Logan, Christian Hosoi, Chuck Hults, Diane Desiderio, John Grigley, Mark Gonzales, Mark Rogowski, Marty Jimenez, Primo Desederio, Rodney Mullen, Steve Rocco, Tom Groholski, Tony Hawk


Slammin’ Watuzi Skate Skate Skate
Blind Dog Lost Pete’s Theme
The Illegals Tears In Hands
James Kehn Surf Punk
James Kehn Possible Combinations
Descendents Coolidge
The Dialtones Neopsychedelic
The Dialtones Psycho Billy Rock
The Dialtones Surf City Theme

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