Company Quasi Skateboards
Video by Chad Bowers

Will Rosenstock

Jeremy Tubbs

Year 2021
Length 20 minutes
Country United States
Category Full-Lenght


Dane Barker
Bobby De Keyzer
Gilbert Crockett
Jake Johnson
Tyler Bledsoe
Dick Rizzo
Justin Henry
Josh Wilson



Intro/Dane Barker – Lexo and the Leapers – Time Machine
Godstar – Lie Down Forever
Intro 2 – Anna von Hausswolff – Theatre of Nature
Bobby De Keyzer, Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, Josh Wilson – Chrome -Static Gravity
Tyler Bledsoe – Exch True Pop – Discoteca
Dick Rizzo – Frank Zappa The Mothers Of Invention – Valarie
Justin Henry – Satanika – Refractive Surgery
2nd song – Time – Otis the 3rd


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