Built To Shred: Slab City

Built To Shred: Slab City cover
CompanyFuel TV
Length22 minutes
CategoryTv show
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Season #1, episode #1

Skaters shred Slab City, a massive moto wallride goes down, BMXers take on a double-set, and Jeff?s dining room is transformed.


Shred Ranch - Lords - Ringfinger
Lovecraft Segment - Drunk Horse - Strange Transgressors
Shred Camp #1 - A Place To Bury Strangers - Missing You
BMX Stair Attack - The Black Lips - O Katrina
Shred Camp #2 - Rezurex - Dia De Los Muertos
FMX Wallride - The Briefs - Destroy The USA
Shred Camp #3 - Call Me Lightning - Meet the Skeletons
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