Darkstar - Autotelic

Darkstar - Autotelic cover
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*Derived from Greek [Auto (self), Telos (goal)]. AUTOTELIC has its own meaning and purpose within itself, in the flow of now...


Intro - Don Slepian - Glimmerings
Santana Saldana - Redbone - Come And Get Your Love
Dave Bachinsky - Monophonics - Bang Bang
Ryan Decenzo - Blonde Redhead - Spring and Summer by Fall
Greg Lutzka, Cameo Wilson & Reemo Pearson - Brockhampton - Ben Carson
Ke’Chaud Johnson - A$AP Ferg -
Joe Hinson & Mike Berdis - Visioneers - Apache (Battle Dub)
Manolo Robles - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Credits - Brockhampton - Poison
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