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Gou Miyagi

"Director Takahiro Morita has been shooting skate films since 1995 as FESN (Far East Skate Network) with his stoic camera angle, precise editing and music that give color to the films. He had been scattering his ideas that he got from skating into all of his films as message. This is how he reflects skating in his films. 'Overground Broadcasting' is the culmination of what he had been doing since 95. This film is a sequel to 'Underground Broadcasting' that was released in 06, and the theme is the World. Morita traveled and filmed the local scenes of the world for about 8 years since 2001. The package will store 'Underground Broadcasting' and 'Overground Broadcasting' together, making it look like a skate dictionary. FESN had released 'Subway', 'Touzainamboku' and '43-26' since 95, and is now setting a new world standard. Yes, skating was originally from abroad. But the skating and audio-visual skills has evolved in Japan as time passed. The FESN skate philosophy, looking at overground from the perspective of underground, was born. This is a new definition of Japanese skateboarding, "from Japan to the World"."


Southpaw Chop - Overground Tribal (intro)
DJ Quietstorm - Hikari (Bone mix)
Yousuke Nakano - Bass Trip
JNY The Weel - Supply
Ponchi - Subconcious
Mark Lockett - Blues For Ronnie
Yoonkee - Untitle (UKR dub)
Taichi - Sheff
The - Kure Metal
Lord Puff - Kanabis & Empiric
Meaning Of Nonsence - Look Out
Yuichiro Kato - Ascent For Far East
DJ Baku & Bobo - Heavy Sick
Ponchi - Camera Man
DJ Baku - SIY (Dennis Busenitz version)
Junji Kanari - Triangle To Square
William Ruiz - Wolves Of Idaho
Quim Cardona - Quim Time
Paulo Diaz - In Koenji
Yousuke Nakano - Strange Party
ONO - Slow Tweak
Cyclub - Inochi Furu Umi
Juzu aka Moochy - Shake Head Koza
Ponchi - Ha Ha
OPSB - Break Shot
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Gou Miyagi



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