Girl/Anti Hero - Beauty and The Beast 3

Girl/Anti Hero - Beauty and The Beast 3 cover
CompaniesAnti Hero Skateboards
Girl Skateboards
Video byAaron Meza
Length17 minutes

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Beauty #1 - Boneless Ones - Skate For The Devil
Beauty #2 - Arthur Lee & Love - Beep Beep
Beauty #3 - The Troggs - I want you
Beauty Credits - Randy Newman - Political science
Beast #1 - Danny Elfman - Breakfast Machine
Beast #2 - Mayhem - Freezing Moon
Rick's Edit - Yolanda Club & Dcup - We No Speak Americano
Slideshow - Frank Gerwer (Vocal) & Rick McCrank (Guitar)
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Beast Edit
Rickk's BATB3

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