H-Street - Shackle Me Not

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Length60 minutes
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Guest Jarret

This video changed street skating, and skateboarding as a whole. I remember it being a total shock to the system, since I lived in New England my entire life. The tricks, video style, and level of talent was unlike anything I had seen before it. It modernized street skating, and laid the groundwork for insane progression between this video, their second release, then to the Plan-B (uhhh Pat Duffy and Primus!), world Industries (Roco and Big Brother) days, Street skating progressed at an amazing clip in the decade between 1988 and 1998. H-Street's Shackle Me Not should be in a hall of fame, or awarded for massive industry and talent level changes in a few short years after this video and their second video release. H-Street changed skateboard design, to a more modern extended nose. Eventually they (along with Plan-B, after the loss of H-Street co-founder Mike Ternansky) would release decks with mostly symmetric nose and tail designs, thinner widths with longer edge lengths, and curved quarters for better flip tricks, shifties, impossibles, and catching flips mid-ollie, nollie and switch tricks. I will never forget the first time I watched Shackle Me Not, along with 6 or so other dudes I skated with in the 80's. We are all flipping out, couldn't quite grasp what it was we were seeing on a single view. I probably watched that video over 100 times just in the first few months of it's release. Play, rewind, play, rewind, slow-mo VHS style.
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