Life Extention - Theatrix

Life Extention - Theatrix cover
CompanyLife Extention
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Intro - ?
Nick Trapasso - Purity Ring - Crawlersout
Jake Duncombe - The Body Count - The Winner Loses
Pat Pasquale #1 - Carnage - Bang!
Pat Pasquale #2 - TrollPhace ft. JuJu - Vengeance Like a B:055
Tony Tave - Danny Brown - 25 Bucks ft. Purity Ring
Jamie Tancowny - Kadavar - Goddes Of Dawn
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Video parts

Nick Trapasso
Jake Duncombe
Pat Pasquale
Tony Tave
Jamie Tancowny

Guest Chad

Eric Fletcher also has a part!!
Guest Don

Bo Reid and Blue Headey also have parts in it!!

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