Lordz - They Don't Give A Fuck About Us!

Lordz - They Don't Give A Fuck About Us! cover
CompanyLordz Wheels
Video byThomas Paulin
Sebastien Raban
Length41 minutes
CategoryFull length
Added byMarkus

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Alex Carolino - IV My People - Nous Voila (instrumental)
Baptiste Myzor - Heatwave - Ain't No Half Steppin'
Alexis Jauzion - Twista - Get Me
Luy Pa Sin - Kool Shen - Nos Pires Ennemis (feat. Disiz La Peste)
William Phan - Notorious B.I.G. - I Love the Dough (feat. Jay-Z) (instrumental)
JB Gillet - Terror Squad - Cross Bronx
Bastien Salabanzi - Bien Entendu Editions - James and Jimi
Florentin Marfaing - IV My People - Ce Le Groupe
Outro - O Happy Day (Live)
Credits - Malia - Twickling Little Star
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Guest Manfred Grill

not sure if your track list is accurate.

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