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Video byKrzysztof Godek
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"Lunch." is the effect of me being addicted to filming skateboarding, and not having any idea what else I can do with my life for last 6 years.

I realeased video on 16GB Pendrives. I've put there acapella version of the video so You can play Your music and still hear the sounds of skating. They are still for sale for 12€ + 4€ shipping. Orders inta @kgodek

Full article with project explained

Animation & Script Kuba Skurski

Music consultation Łukasz Jagodziński

Thanks to everyone involved.

Filmed in Europe 2012-18


Trailer - Tyris White - Night Smoke
Intro - Rudolf C-Julia
Kościuszkowcy #1 - Luz1e - Ridin
Kościuszkowcy #2 - Roland Jones - Trappin dirt mixxx
Oslo - Mall Grab - Liverpool Street In The Rain
Warsaw Skaters - Roland Jones - Catching Niggas Sleepin
Konrad Krużyński - DJ SS - The lighter
Kiełb/Juraś/Górka - Key Tronics Ensemble - Calypso of House (Paradise Version)
Mix - Raven ft. Jocelyn Brown - So In Love
Luka Pinto - Lootpack - Answers
Krzysiek Poskrobko - Mall Grab - Get Impetuous
Outro - Dj Aedidas - Another Day
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good job!!

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