Shorty's - Guilty

Shorty's - Guilty cover
CompanyShorty's Skateboards
Video byErik Hatch
Length37 minutes
CategoryFull length
Added byMarkus

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Directed by: Tony Buyalos


intro - DJ Z-Trip - Rockstar II
movie scene - Judas Priest - Breaking The Law
Brandon Turner - Destro and Lil'B by Tha Federalz - If You Don't Know, Now You Know
Jesse Silvey - Fred Wesley & The JB's - Damn Right I'm Somebody
Sammy Baptista - Guru - Take Cover
Steve Olson #1 - Ol' Dirty Bastard - Protect Ya Neck II the Zoo
Toan Nguyen #1 - The James Taylor Quartet - One Way Street
Toan Nguyen #2 - A Tribe Called Quest - Show Business
Peter Smolik intro - John Savino
Peter Smolik - Tha Fedaralz - Moca, Xact, Xist, Destro, No-Alias, Oshen, MP
Chad Muska - Muskabeatz - Reprazent
credits - Track Squad - Poke It Out
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Muska's part saved the video!

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