Thrasher - King Of The Road 2007

Thrasher - King Of The Road 2007 cover
CompanyThrasher Magazine
Length58 minutes
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intro - Super Buick - Blazin'
Zoo York in Denver - Red Fang - Bird on Fire
Black Label in Houston - U.S. Bombs - Destroy The Nation
Foundation in New York City - Broken Oars - We're Coming To Shore
Blind in Portland - Rattler - Panty Incinerator
Zoo York in Chicago - The Heartaches - King Kong's Party
Black Label in Nashville #1 - The Stitches - Monday Morning Ornaments
Black Label in Nashville #2 - The Pushers - Space Monkeys
Foundation at Skatopia #1 - The Legendary Shack Shakers - Clodhopper
Foundation at Skatopia #2 - The Legendary Shack Shakers - Ichabod
Blind in Cheyenne - Rattler - Getting Awesome
Cream City & mystery guests - The Needles - Too Hot
Zoo York in El Paso - Shitkickers - Make Out
Black Label in Milwaukee - Get Set Go - Get Thru The Day
Foundation in Wichita - The Veebees - Roo Bar
Blind in Minneapolis - The Veebees - No I.Q.
Zoo York in Phoenix #1 - Shitkickers - Bacon (slow)
Zoo York in Phoenix #2 - Broken Oars - Dove
Black Label in Colorado Springs - The Whore Moans - I Have A Knife
Foundation in Albuquerque - My Revolver - Beyond Blood
Blind in Las Vegas - Super Buick - Kill Me
Black Box park - The Heartaches - Dance City
team points & slow motions - The Heartaches - Built For Speed
credits - U.S. Bombs - Guns of The West
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