Trauma - La Deca-Danse

Trauma - La Deca-Danse cover
CompanyTrauma Skateboards
Video byLuc Angles
Length26 minutes
CategoryFull length
Added byRichard

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Intro - Gary Jules - Mad World
Oscar Candon Intro - ?
Oscar Candon - Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
Ben Delaboulaye Intro - ?
Ben Delaboulaye - Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
Walid Mamine Intro - ?
Walid Mamine - Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
Nicolas Rouquette, Julien Morin & Jeremy
- OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
Alex Richard Intro - ?
Alex Richard - Dead Moon - Walking On My Grave
Julien Merour - Patty Smith - Bacause The Night
Credits - Eels - Love of The Loveless
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