New Balance – String Theory


Company New Balance
Video by Luke Murphy
Russel Houghten
Jake Leger
Year 2019
Length 15 minutes
Country United States
Category Full-Length


Davis Torgerson
Jordan Taylor
Tom Karangelov
Tom Knox
Tyler Surrey
Brandon Westgate
Jake Hayes
Jamie Foy
Franky Villani
Charlie Birch
Levi Brown
Chad Tim Tim
Nisse Ingemarsson
Jorge Simoes
Pedro Biagio
Tre Williams
JP Souza
Jack Curtin
Marquise Henry
Flo Mirtain
Ronnie Kessner
Jordan Trahan


Intro – Russell Houghten – Egyptian Boogie
Jordan Taylor – Gary Numan – I Die You Die
Montage – Light Heat – A Loyal Subject of the Status Quo
Davis Torgerson – Cat Stevens – Peace Train
Tom Karangelov – Parquet Courts – Total Football
Credits – Pit – Cacti State of Mind

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