Baker Boys Distribution
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Baker Boys Distribution was founded by Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds, and Erik Ellington. In 2007 we rented a small studio in Hollywood to make a home for our new sunglass company Brigada. Once we figured out that we were going to start Deathwish skateboards we upgraded to a larger warehouse in the barrios of North Hollywood. Every member of our crew here we've known for years and our goal is to continue to provide our friends with jobs. As of late 2008 we added Shake Junt to the line-up created by our close friend Shane Heyl. Things have been amazing so far and we continue to learn shit and build our distribution everyday, the Baker Boys are here for the long run!
Heroin - SWOLAN cover
chris "avi" atherton, corey leso, hayate kamimura, ira ingram, swampy , and more
Added: Thursday, November 9, 2023