Tony Hawk’s Secret Skatepark Tour 3

Company 900 Films
Year 2007
Length 55 minutes
Category Tour


Alex Chalmers, Andrew Reynolds, Bam Margera, David Loy, Jason Ellis, Justin Figueroa, Mike Escamilla, Mike Vallely, Riley Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, Shaun Stulz, Taylor Smith, Tony Hawk


Intro – Last Secrets The Hell with This Whole Affair
Intro #2 – Innaway Stolen Days
The Demo – Bedroom Walls Somewhere in Newhall
The Demo #2 – The Big Sleep Son of the Tiger
The Demo #3 – The M’s Never Do This Again
The Secret – Poets of Rhythm More Mess On My Thing
The Secret #2 – The Sugarman Three & Co Promised Land feat Naomi Davis
The Secret #3 – Innaway Tiny Brains
The Inspiration – Emile Millar America Waves
The Crew – Innaway Threathawk
The Crew #2 – The Big Sleep You Can’t Touch The Untouchable
The Young Pro – The Nucc Cohen Zedic
The Groms – Mighty Imperials Soul Buster Part #1
The Groms #2 – Dungeons and Drag Queens Jonesin’ For a Chesty
Friend – Marginal Man Double Image
Friend #2 – Poets of Rhythm North Carolina
The Boss – The M’s The End is Still The A
The Boss #2 – Bedroom Walls Who’s Been Driving Round for Days
The Independent – Controlling The Famous Devil’s Suitcase
The Lone Rider – The Budos Band Eastbound
The Lone Rider #2 – Mighty Imperials Duck Hunt
The Feel Good Montage – Bedroom Walls In Anticipation Your Suicide
The Travel Life – Snowden Anti Anti
The Passion – Zion I Mind Blow
Up from the South – The Budos Band The Budos Band
The Plaza – Snowden Black Eyes
The Celebrity – Emile Millar Simply Seductive
The Celebrity #2 – Midwest Product Duckpound
The End – Mobius Band The Loving Sounds of Static
The Credits – The Proles Little Italy
The Credits #2 – The Big Sleep New Strings
Bonus Songs #1 – The M’s Going Over It
Bonus Songs #2 – Emile Millar I Bet
Bonus Songs #3 – The Budos Band Eastbound
Bonus Songs #4 – Innaway Stolen Days
Bonus Songs #5 – Slowride You Can’t Tell Me
Bonus Songs #6 – The Big Sleep Murder
Bonus Songs #7 – The Nucc Like This
Bonus Songs #8 – The Nucc Awake
Bonus Songs #9 – The M’s My Gun
Bonus Songs #10 – The Proles Casino Lights
Bonus Songs #11 – Slowride Morals of Dogma
Bonus Songs #12 – The Like Young For Money Or Love
Bonus Songs #13 – The Big Sleep New Strings