10,000 Kilometers

10,000 Kilometers cover art
10,000 Kilometers is a skateboard documentary filmed on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It documents the two month long journey of about 10 people who traveled from Moscow to Hong Kong only by train and skateboarded the unique architecture of various cities in Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, and China along the way. It is not just a skateboarding film. 10,000 Kilometers covers and documents all the trips entertaining storeis and adventures with detailed commentaries and interviews.


Caravan Palace - L'envol
Moscow #1: 
Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give
Moscow #2: 
Unknown - Katysha
Moscow #3: 
Bonobo - Flutter
Moscow #4: 
Yonderboy - Fairy Of The Lake
Ekaterinburg #1: 
Locase - Ein Tag Zu Schnell
Ekaterinburg #2: 
Beirut - Mount Wroclai
Ekaterinburg #3: 
Soviet Military March - Song Of The Plains
Krasnoyarsk #1: 
After Hours IV Mixtape
Krasnoyarsk #2: 
Russian Red Army Chorus - Nepogoda
Irkutsk #1: 
Strictly Limerance - Short Waves
Irkutsk #2: 
Alex Sinyavskiy - Katyusha
Irkutsk #3: 
Shigeru Umebayashi - Interlude
Mongolia #1: 
DJ Food - Nocture
Mongolia #2: 
Hugo Montenegro - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Beijing #1: 
Best of Chinese Music - Bamboo Flute
Beijing #2: 
Chinese Man - Bunni Groove
Beijing #3: 
Bonobo - The Keeper
Beijing #4: 
Lalo Schifrin - Won Ton For Two
Beijing #5: 
The Ventures - Unknown
Shanghai : 
The Doors - Waiting For The Sun
The James Gang - Funk #49
The Main Ingredient - Summer Breeze