101 - Snuff

101 - Snuff cover art
promo (12 min)
101 (1993)
United States
"Released during the tail end of ‘93, 101’s third promo video, Snuff, was a sleeper hit...Packaged in surplus VHS boxes procured from the manufacturer and embellished with a single sticker, presumably printed at a Kinkos, Snuff’s terse length had the feral force of a hot mixtape...Snuff is 101 hitting a new stride, with Dill and Iannucci showcasing skateboarding’s future, albeit without any intention. Cleaner, leaner, and an emphasis on precision was key, as street skating was emerging from its awkward 'flip and pray' phase and its equally embarrassing fashion." -Anthony G. Pappalardo (Transworld, "101 Snuff: 25 Years Later")



Andy Stone: 
Motorhead - Ace of Spades
Jason Dill: 
Brenton Wood - Gimme Little Sign
Adam McNatt: 
Smarties - San Francisco
Gino Iannucci: 
Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man