16 Below - Second Thoughts

16 Below - Second Thoughts cover art


Jesus Wore Dickies - Jesus Wore Dickies
Brian Price: 
Thinking Aloud - Stop
Devin Brankovich: 
L.A. Symphony - You
Ben Paulsrud: 
The Color Turning - This Is How It Feels
Jeremiah Jansen: 
Anthony Williams & Angel Ramirez: 
DJ Savage - Waking Life
Cheyne Chauvan: 
Pigeon John - Clueless
David Benavides: 
The Color Turning - Intuition Is Wrong
Brett Nichols: 
Aesthetics Crew - What I'm Dealig With
Zack Crater: 
No - Music
Donny Vho: 
Montage #1: 
Srimmage Heros - Flat
Eric Hawkins: 
Jesus Wore Dickies - All Our Lives
Matt Gallardo: 
Lance Sheidenberger & Scott Nelson: 
River City Rebels - Life Of A Rebel
Tony Cervantes: 
Thinking Aloud - Downtown
Jason Jones: 
Montage #2: 
Frank Jordan - Always Temporary
Josh Hawkins: 
Pigeon John - The Chase
Adam Dyet: 
Srimmage Heros - Little Opal
Paul Flores: 
Carmel - Hariki Blues
The White Buffalo - Time
Bonus credits: 
The White Buffalo - Hogtied Like A Rodeo