30 Years And Grinding: The Omar Hassan Story

30 Years And Grinding: The Omar Hassan Story cover art
Watch the story of Omar Hassan in his documentary “30 Years And Still Grinding” as we dive into his professional skateboarding career. Hear from Omar's closest friends, family members, and fellow skateboarders as they share their insights and stories about Omar’s hard-fought path to success. Through interviews, footage, and personal moments, this documentary offers a revealing look into the life of a 100% skateboarder. Follow Omar - https://www.instagram.com/omarhassan/ 00:16 Introduction by Christian Hosoi 01:00 Skate Montage 01:30 Look Back Library 01:47 First Thrasher Cover - 1990 02:13 Darren Navarrette 02:48 Omar's First Pro Model on Blockhead 03:05 Lance Mountain 04:16 Transworld Cover - Who Beat Hawk? 04:39 Tony Hawk recalls Omar winning the San Jose Mini Ramp Contest 05:36 John Lucero 05:48 Slams / Injuries 07:17 Milton Martinez explains how Omar Keeps the Hype! 8:55 Sean Sheffey 9:15 Steve Alba 9:37 Lizzie Armanto 10:50 Skateboard Mag Cover 12:00 Tony Trujillo 12:38 Peter Hewitt 13:49 1st Place Marseille Contest 14:49 "DO SOMETHIN'" 15:49 Padless 540 Backyard Pool Photo 17:08 Chris Gregson 17:40 Jason "Weeman" Acuna 18:01 Al Partanen remembers a young Omar at The Turf Skatepark - '91 19:13 Omar Hassan Independent Trucks Ad June ’23 19:49 Credits 20:28 Omar Thanks Presented by Independent Trucks in association with Black Label Skateboards, Vans, Volcom and Six Stair. Directed and edited by Coan Buddy Nichols - https://www.instagram.com/sixstair/ Produced by - Chris Rooney, Gavin Denike and Coan Buddy Nichols Executive Producers - Richard Novak, Bob Denike and Jeff Kendall Special thanks to those who contributed photos and archival footage that were included into this documentary. Music by: Josh Landau - https://www.instagram.com/stolen__nova/ The SM Project - https://www.instagram.com/smprojectof...


Josh Landau - Horses
Josh Landau - Energy Punk
Josh Landau - Into the Flames
Josh Landau - Gas Station Sunglasses
Josh Landau - House of the Bones
Josh Landau - Surf Drums
Josh Landau - Donuts
Cheb Adjel - Kasra M3a Ihbad
The SM Project - Silence is the Sound
The SM Project - Holy Man
The SM Project - Cult Leader
The SM Project - Forgive Me
The SM Project - The Lions Will Sleep
The SM Project - Money