3rd Lair - Tales From The Fish House

3rd Lair - Tales From The Fish House cover art
(61 min)
3rd lair (2005)


Suffuse - Next Time
Pat Dykstra: 
Grandaddy - Now It's On
Tom Rohrer: 
The Faint - Southern Belles In London Song
Cody Davis: 
Puppies - Hey Little Mama
Neal Shipe: 
The Smiths - This Charming Man
Dan Narloch: 
The Shins - Saint Simon
3rd Lair Staff: 
Angelic Animosity - The Sound Of Broken Glass
3rd Lair Owners: 
Rival Schools - The Switch
Friends #1: 
No Charge - Something To Live For
Friends #2: 
Devo - Smart Patrol
Mel Gibson &The Pants - A Mannequin American
Tabari Cook: 
Damian Marley - Road To Zion
Kirian Stone: 
Gorillaz - Dare
Josh Folley: 
The Altar Of Rock - The Nameless One
Ryan Yost: 
Moby - Extreme Ways
Jason Barr: 
Queens Of The Stone Age - Avon
Ian Sherman: 
Division Of Laura Lee - Does Compute
Credits #1: 
Bad Brains - Revolution
Credits #2: 
Burning Spear - Friends
Fugazi - The Kill
State Fair / All Nighter / Camps: 
Alpha Blondy - Cocody Rock
Alpha Blondy - Ariki