411VM - Best Of 411, Volume 2

411VM - Best Of 411, Volume 2 cover art


Mike Vallely Profiles: 
Palmskin Productions - In A Silent Way
Jerry Fowler Rookies: 
Pegboy - Never A Question
Chaos Chaos: 
Bracket - Closed Caption
Chad Muska Wheels Of Fortune: 
Extra Prolific - Cash Money
Philadelphia Metrospective: 
Rhythm Collision - Now
Girl / Chocolate / Firm Road Trip: 
Coolio - I Remember (instrumental)
Paul Zitzer Profiles: 
Ill Repute - Dat Marley Song
Clyde Singleton Rookies: 
Ben Harper - Ground On Down
Contests Contests: 
Cranberries - I Can't Be With You
Lennie Kirk Wheels Of Fortune: 
Shrinking Violets - Dead Popstars
Drake Jones Wheels Of Fortune: 
Mcm And The Monster - Big Black Cadillac
Transitions Transitions: 
Ramones - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Moses Itkonen Rookies: 
Mobb Deep - Cradle To The Grave
Ed Templeton Profiles: 
Fluf - Rooked