411VM - Best Of 411, Volume 5

411VM - Best Of 411, Volume 5 cover art


Chaos Chaos: 
Throwing Muses - Buzz
Adam McNatt Profiles: 
Dr Know - Slice Of Life
Contests Contests: 
Semisonic - Never You Mind
Evan Schiefelbine Wheels Of Fortune: 
Eligh - Riddles
Hook-ups Shoes Road Trip: 
Pixies - Gigantic
Jerry Fowler Rookies: 
DJ Krush - A Whim
Burnside Spot Check: 
Fu Manchu - Evil Eye
Switchstance Switchstance: 
The Giant - Hold Mines
Furnace Industry: 
Unkle - Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
Tum Yeto Canada Road Trip: 
Minor Threat - Look Back And Laugh
Anthony Van Engelen Wheels Of Fortune: 
12 Jewelz - Clash Of The Continents
Plan B Industry: 
Primus - Tommy The Cat
Supple - Stayin' Alive