Sol - The Boxcar
Chaos in MIA: 
Induce - Shake It Loose
Tommy Fynn: 
DJ Kechup - Ready Freddy
Westside Warriors #1: 
Dub Pistols - Running From The Thoughts
Westside Warriors #2: 
All Purpose DJs - Gennessee Noble House (feat. DJ Lex)
Mike Peterson: 
Sunset Rubdown - Snake's Got A Leg III
Josh Hawkins: 
Oh No Oh My - I Have No Sister
Yellow Montage #1: 
Fucktown Power Boys & No No - Everyone Peg Your Jeans
Yellow Montage #2: 
Volume All Star - What Are Fairgrounds For
Micah Hollinger: 
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine
40 Winks - Past Expressions
(Credited As "Credits"): 
Katrah Quey - System